Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big Leap

I finally stood up to the big ass hole of a boyfriend that I had because I came to the realization that he was doing nothing but weighing me down and keeping me from getting now where in life. I had a fun relaxed time tonight at my parents place and I realized for the first time that it was the right decision to take the leap and get out of a dead-end relationship. Yes I did think about him a lot tonight and if he missed me or not, but then I came to another realization that this will happen but I need to push those thoughts out of my head because the relationship wasn’t healthy for me or him because it had gotten to the point that we hardly talked, didn’t sleep in the same bed unless there was no other way for us to sleep apart. But as I sat outside tonight by my self watching the Fog thickening  on my parents property I caught a glimpse of a horse and I absolutely loved the sight of a silhouetted horse on the Fog. It had a creepy majestic feel to it, as the Coyotes are howling and cackling at the game reserve across the road. It was a good feeling knowing that I will be able to wake up every morning and see all the pretty ponies and be greeted by the dogs and Sage.

I know this sounds off but I have made my room a windmill that you are able to live in because is has air, a ceiling fan and a window that I will be able to open hopefully if we can find the screen for it some where when the weather gets nice out. The only problem is that I will have to co habitat with spiders for a little while but I think some deep woods off will over it pretty good and keep them out of here till my step-dad can put some weather stripping around the door where there are cracks and gaps. I will post pictures of my windmill on here as soon I get a working Camera.

But all in all I am happier and already can feel the stress lifting off my shoulders :) :) :) :) :)

It was a wonderful feeling waking up and knowing that my day wasnt going to be horrible and just a plain old bore because of the lack of communication between me and that douche bag that I called my boyfriend. All in all today has been a wonderful day and I am proud to say I AM FREE!!!

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