Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I thought that I needed to share this with the rest of the well lets say the 90's kids and older blogging community. Someone posted a screen shot of a Jimmy Hendrix video on Facebook today with a highlighted comment from an obviously younger person. He stated that skrillex, lmao, and the jonas brothers play better music then Hendrix because of our current technology. I go enjoy LMAO but thats because there songs are catchy and there music videos are a whole different subject. But any way. He stated that Hendrix and the older bands are boring because you hear the same "guitar" or notes heard over and over again, That technology made music better and better because we dont hear the repetitiveness of the same note or the same cords over and over again. I honestly don't care about what beat there is to a song, for me its all in the lyrics and how the song touches you or even relates to a part of your life. This kid picked the worst guy to compare because Jimmy Hendrix is a legend and I don't care how far along technology get I will always love his music and how it is moving and touching and actually makes sense.

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