Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Money is the devil's play toy plain and simple. It just ruined a 6 month relationship. Heck it ruins marriages and a bunch of other things too. Money controls thing world and its loosing actual face value everyday because of the high demand for money. When it comes down too it, yes your bills should be paid in full and on time, but in some situations that is not likely to happen. Take for instant my situation, I have an awesome job opportunity just waiting there for the taking, but my so call boyfriend says that my phone(which is required for my job in the civilian world and military world) is less important then a job where I could have rent and the internet bill paid months in advance and all we would have to worry about is buying the things we need and being able to splurge every once in a while. But he decided that I need to leave and take my self else where... something here just doens't make sense. Like my mom always say's "We should go back to the bartering day when there wasn't money or currency, It would make people cherish what they have and work hard for what they need".

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