Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There is that breaking point in life when all you want to is scream and pull out your hair. Well I think that I have reached that breaking point. This economy sucks so that there is hardly any jobs. Which leaves a lot of broke and hard for cash. And the hardest thing about that is when you really need the money there is none. And everyone you know is also broke so that they are unable to help out, but wish that they could. Money is one of the biggest stress things that anyone could have in life, hell it is one of the biggest reasons for relationships falling and divorces.

The military is another big stress on me because in 2011 I was diagnosed with Asthma. I have been running just about every other day. But yet I am unable to pass the two mile requirements for the military. I get super stressed the week before drill time rolls around. I don't want to get kicked out but I am out of options to what I can do. All I can do is push myself to the hardest, I also going to attempt not smoking a day and half before the test( I know I shouldnt smoke with Asthma, nothing new there). I also want to go to my doctor and see if I can get a different Asthma medication because the Advair doesn't seem to work that great.

The last thing is that with the money crippling situation and hardly no jobs cause of the economy. My car is slowly taking a shit and there is nothing that I can do about. The only people that can fix it either require money or live like 4 to 8 hours away and I obviously have no way of getting my car there and they cant come here due to then they would have no shop to work in. Drive it till it dies!

Though many things that make people hit that certain breaking point, there are many things one can do to keeping from ripping out there hair and going insane. I usually take like a million baths a day when I'm stressed out or go indulge in my hobbies to keep my mind busy.   But when reality come crashing back in, watch out world! They don't call me the Fire Breathing Dragon for nothing! haha

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